Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Salute to the Armed Forces

As we celebrate independence day and cherish the freedom, it's time to salute the soldier who braves harsh conditions to protect sovereignty of the nation.. watercolour challenge 15/100 on handmade paper 9 by 11 inch. Enjoy your freedom, but spare a thought for the unknown soldier :-) #watercolor #aquarelle #artbymra #snowscape #landscape

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Stone Roof Hamlet

A hamlet in Himachal Pradesh, painted from a reference photograph from pintrest. Watercolour challenge 14/100, on handmade paper 10 x 14 in. Loved to paint the juxtaposed huts in this composition. #watercolour #watercolor #aquarelle #landscape #artbymra

Monday, August 14, 2017

Happy Janmashtami (Birthday of Lord Krishna).

 During a period of heavy rains unleashed by Lord Indra, Krishna lifted this hill to shelter people and cattle. This is a concept watercolour on 145 gsm cartridge paper, wc challenge 13/100, 10 x 8 in, #watercolor #artbymra #aquarelle #jansmashtami

Reminiscing North-East (India)

The fascinating landscape of north-east India with it lush green fields and lakes are nostalgic. Watercolour study, WCchallenge 12/100 on 145gsm cartridge paper, 10 x 7 in. #watercolor #aquarelle #artbymra #landscape

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Delectable Ruins

These ruins outside Bhoganandishwara near Nandi hills, Bangalore dates back to 9th Century. Water colour challenge 11/100, on hand made paper A3 size, #watercolor #aquarelle #artbymra #bhoganandeeshwara #landscape

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Time to go fishing

 Painted from a video grab of probably Mumbai seaside. Water colour study on 130 gsm paper, challenge 10/100. #watercolour #watercolor #aquarelle #artbymra #seascape

Wave Restaurant?

I saw this scene frequently while watching the recent  India- Srilanka cricket matchat Galle!  watercolour challenge 9/100 on handmade paper 14 x 10 inch, #watercolour #watercolor #aquarelle #artbymra #seascape

Friday, August 11, 2017

Coracle Ride

Its always a challenge to paint with different paper and paint. As i was travelling i had to paint on 110 gsm paper and camel cake colours, it was a humbling experience! Painted from a reference photograph. WC challenge 8/100, A3 size, #watercolour #watercolor #aquarelle #artbymra #landscape

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sunlit slopes!

I painted this from a reference from internet, the beautiful sunlit Motovun in Croatia, WC challenge 7/100, watercolour on handmade paper 270gsm A3 size, have great day :-) #watercolor #watercolour #aquarelle #artbymra #motovun #landscape

Ghat Road (hill road)

Always a pleasure to paint the enchanting hills, and when you drive you just cant enjoy the beauty:-) WC challenge 6/100 :-)  On 130gsm paper 8 x 6 inch

Monday, August 7, 2017

Avenue Road

WC challenge 5/100, a Plein air outing on a Sunday morning to the busy flower bazaar on KR market. This is the view of Avenue road in Bangalore from KR market side, and a few spill-over flower vendors, from the flower market. Otherwise Avenue Road is famous for its stationery shops.  Watercolour on handmade 270gsm 16 x 11in :-) #watercolour #watercolor #aquarelle #cityscape #bangalore #avenueroad

Picnic Locale!

 WC challenge 4/100, loved painting this scene from a reference photograph on the web, for its simplicity! watercolour study on 130gsm paper, 8 x 6 in #watercolour #watercolor #aquarelle #landscape #artbymra

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Busy Morning!

Watercolour challenge 3/100. A typical village scene in the mornings, the entire family busy and rearing to go! water colour study on 130gsm paper 8 x 6 inch, have a great week :-) #watercolour #watercolor #aquarelle #artbymra #indianvillage

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Recently i visited Bhoganandishwara temple near Nandi hills, which is more than 1500year old. While my painting on location did not come out that well, i painted this from my photograph. Water colour on handmade 300gsm paper 22 x 15 inch.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Portrait Study

Water colour challenge 1/100. Study from reference photograph and inspired by Artist Milind Mullick's demo, 20 x 14 inch 400gsm handmade first portrait on handmade paper! :-)

Colourful and Mystique

Varanasi ghats painted from a reference picture over the weekend as part a workshop by artist Milind Mullick. Guess i was a bit extravagantly bold with my colours this time! Water colour on handmade 270gsm 16 x 10 inch
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