Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dream Day!

Dream Day!
I had recently enrolled myself for my first art workshop on Acrylics by the master in the game...Bijay Biswaal on the theme, wet platform(railway)! I devoured each and every moment of it. For the master was able to so explain with panache how to bring passion into your painting. I realised that for long i have been painting passionately beautiful paintings, least understanding that i am not transferring the passion on to the canvas or paper!
I also realised the potential of note2 and artrage software, as during the demonstration by Mr. Biswaal i painted on my mobile a digital art to highlight the concepts. In the second half of the day I painted a wet railway platform on acrylics, and i was astounded to see that i have been able to capture the mood brilliantly! A big thanks for Shiny colors for organising this event. It was truly transformational.
A truly humbling experience.  Learning never Stops!

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Meera Rao said...

Indeed you have captured the mood brilliantly! Very nicely done!

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