Monday, January 30, 2017


Headmaster: When i hear "headmaster," only one face flashes in front of me and that is of Dr Clement Felix who was headmaster of Madras Christian College Higher Secondary School (MCCHSS) for almost 2 decades from 1973 to 1992. Every time we from class of 82' met at chennai it was a ritual to visit him, before our get-to-getter started. He was a true mentor during our formative years, and each one of us had an anecdote to narrate, to substantiate this. He was revered by one and all of our times! He will be remembered forever. Water colour on Brustro 300 gsm 12 x 16 " from a reference photograph #watercolour #watercolor #portrait #MCCHSS #MadrasChristianCollegeHigherSecondarySchool

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Enchanting hills

Enchanting Hills. I love the clouds hanging over the hills and the majestic road up to the house with its fluttering flags. Water colour on 300 gsm handmade paper 20 x 14 "

Ganges 2

Ganges 2. Another attempt at Ganges in loose style. Follow up of Master Amit Kapoor workshop( Water colour on handmade 300gsm 14 x 10 inch #Benaras #VAranasi#watercolour


The Ganges: As part of the workshop Master Amit Kapoor ( had painted 2 Benaras scenes..the vibes and the enegy during the last session on 22nd Jan was awesome! I couldnt resist attempting this at home! My first attempt at painting loose...somewhat! :-) water colour on handmade 20 x 14 "#Benaras #VAranasi #watercolour

Plein Air-Venkatappa Art Gallery

Painted as part of the workshop with Master Amit Kapoor ( on 22nd Jan ..Water colour on handmade 400gsm 22 x 15"

Home work!

These painting were done on 21st Jan after the workshop by Master Amit Kapoor ( as homework.....the first one is on handmade paper 275gsm 22 x15 and the next one is the Salvador Dali house in spain 14 x 10 " handmade paper

Another Beginning!

Another beginning! My first posting for 2017. 10 x 8 " water colours on handmade paper 400gsm painted on 21st Jan at Amit Kapoor workshop in Bangalore, A different palette and my first use of the squirrel mop brush! :-)
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