Saturday, November 1, 2008


fourth of my series on Indian dances painted for camp beautification at Kadugli, Indian Aviation Contingent. Enamel paint on tin sheet 4ftX3ft (2008)

Friday, October 31, 2008

ethereal rapids

tried to capture the pristine beauty of the hills and the rocks by the side of the ethereal rapids somewhere in the himalayas....oil on canvas 35" X 33".

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A scenery captured during my evening walk around the camp periphery at Kadugli. Pastels and Water Colour on hand made paper 22" X 15" (Aug 2008)

Monday, October 13, 2008


After a long time I attempted a portrait. My daughter had a smile that was rather cute. Pencil and pencil colour on paper 8" X 9 " ( Sep 2008)


I had a blank canvas ready and was thinking of what to paint when a number of egrets visited my backyard beckoning me! Oil on Canvas 48" X 36" (2008)


I liked this scene which had the sunlight seep through the forest to create a brilliance. Oil on canvas 36" X24". (2008)


A typical road side scene while traveling outside Khartoum. I have used my own depiction to add some colour. Mosque minarets are normally green, and the ladies sport black mehndi on their legs and hands. Water colour on paper 14.7" X 21.8"

Friday, September 5, 2008


Third of Indian dance series..enamel paint on Aluminium sheet 36" X 48" (2008)

Grazing-beast of burden

Donkey do a lot of work in Sudan but seldom appreciated! Water colour on cartridge paper 14" X 12.5" (2008)

Path to Light

Water colour on paper 14.7" X 21.8" (2008



Always been fascinated by fog! Oil on canvas 36" X 24" (2008)

Kauda by Day

Spent four hours waiting at Kauda helipad in Sudan and couldnt stop myself from appreciating the beauty and freshness in the air... the tukuls and the mountains....water colour 15 " X 22"

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tarmac and Vinca

The helicopters on tarmac and vincas in the foreground along with the control tower are captivating. Water colour on catrige paper 9" x 12". (2008)

All three

Three of the figurines where fired in a tandoor. The difference in colour is due to the non-uniform heating. The old man with a stick in his 'Jalabiya', is an oft seen scence at Kadugli.

Black clay modelling

My first and second attempt at clay modelling. Imaginary bust of a male, and eve. Black clay is found everywhere in Kadugli (Sudan), and challenge to exploit it was accepted gleefully. Dry clay models! (2008)

Camel ride

Camel ride a familiar sight, with 'tukuls' in the background along with the baobao trees and Nuba mountains. Water colour on cartridge paper 9" x 12" (2008)

Bihu dance-- Assam

The dynamism of Bihu dance is a memorable experience. 2nd of the "India series". Enamel paint on tin sheet 36" x 48".

Dancing Away

First of the "India series" made for camp beautification at Kadugli. It was a great challenge to paint with fast drying enamel. Enamel paint on in sheet 36" x 48"

Three men on the road

Three men in traditional attire holding a road side meeting at Kadugli airport road! Water colours on hand made paper 9" x 12" (2008)

Moon and Raven

It was soothing to watch the calm setting moon at Kadugli on the western horizon. White breasted raven was introduced as an after thought to remind me of Sudan. Water colour on hand made paper 9"X12" (2008)

Wood in water--reflection

I have always been fascinated by the reflection of trees in water. Woods in water is a passing scenery on my drive from Delhi to Pathanko. Acrylic on canvas 22" X 30" (2008)

Voilet Crysanthemums

The beauty of the voilet crysanthemums was breathtaking. Oil on Canvas 16" x 2o", brush and knife painting. (2007)

Sunflower Delight

Water colour on handmade paper 9" x 12". Tried to capture the freshness of the sunflower. (2008)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Poison Flower

The beauty of these flowers were breathtaking and their wild nature encouraged me to paint them. Oil on canvas 36"X30". I havent been able to find the name of these flowers...but they are said to be "poisonous".

Sunday, February 17, 2008

MC Reflection

This is a glass painting on the reverse with acrylic and enamel paint, 15"X24". My first attempt in using acrylic and enamel together

Donkey Crossing

This is a scence of the dirt roads at Kadugli, Sudan which are used by vehicles. A water colour 32"X 22" on hand made paper

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pigeon Meet

Congregation of pigeons studied in India and painted at Kadugli, Sudan in an African background. Oil on Canvas 36" X30"
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